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Technical seminars

The topics of the technical seminars are very extensive. Some example topics are shown below.

Besides the fundamentals of rope technology and rope applications in the construction industry, the other machine components such as drums and sheaves are covered.

The specific training content will always be tailored to your needs.

Rope technology

  • Fundamentals of special wire ropes: terms, definitions, constructions, rope classification, rope properties, rope discard criterion
  • Common rope terminations used in the construction industry

Rope application

  • Hoist ropes, boom hoist (luffing) ropes and pendant ropes
  • The two rope categories: Rotation resistant ropes and non-rotation resistant ropes
  • General rope installation instructions
  • About maintenance, handling, lubrication and other topics


  • Single and multilayer drums and their impact on rope selection and operation
  • Sheave wear: how to determine and assess it

The seminar´s aim is to give the participants for their respective activity practical and applicable knowledge. The practical implementation of the theoretical issues discussed can be viewed on the customers crane/machine live and thus actively learned and repeated subsequently.

Who would benefit from our seminars?

The technical seminars are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals that are responsible for ropes:

  • Engineers, designers, customer service representatives and technicians of the machine and component manufacturer
  • The machine operators and other employees in charge of the machine service
  • Employees of crane maintenance companies
  • Any sales person or product manager, who takes care of the customers in the construction machinery market
  • Experts for cranes: e.g. public authorities or classification societies

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